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Municipal Court Hours: A. Monday — Friday.

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Municipal Court — Annex Hours: A. Cases are set for the person charged to appear in Court. Contact the Municipal Court Office at to determine which tickets may be paid in advance if a trial is not desired. The person charged will be given a court date at the time a ticket is issued or at the time the defendant posts bond. The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors, traffic offenses, City Code violations and parking tickets occurring within the city limits or the police jurisdiction of the City of Decatur.

Once charged, a person may plead guilty or have a trial. The cases are tried without a jury. Fines and court costs are set if the person charged enters a guilty plea or is found guilty after trial. Fines and court costs are set in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama and the code of the City of Decatur. Jail sentences are imposed in the discretion of the Court, unless the law requires a mandatory jail sentence. Jail sentences are set in accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama and the code of the City of Decatur.

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Those that wish to file a criminal complaint charge against another person should come to the Municipal Court Office during regular business hours to obtain an appointment with a Magistrate. In the event of an emergency, the Police Department may contact a Magistrate for immediate assistance in filing of a complaint and obtaining a warrant.

For more information contact the municipal court clerk at Municipal Court. Municipal Judge: Billy E. Cook, Jr. Box Decatur, AL Fines and Court Costs: Fines and court costs are set if the person charged enters a guilty plea or is found guilty after trial. A list of traffic tickets in which a person may plead guilty before a Magistrate or by mail without having to attend court is posted in the Municipal Court Office.

Further information regarding tickets that may be paid in advance may be obtained by calling the Municipal Court Office at Parking tickets may be paid in advance in the amount shown on the parking ticket. Payments for fines, court costs and restitution should be made by cash or by bank certified check or money order payable to the City or Decatur.

Jail Sentences: Jail sentences are imposed in the discretion of the Court, unless the law requires a mandatory jail sentence. Complaint Filing Procedures: Those that wish to file a criminal complaint charge against another person should come to the Municipal Court Office during regular business hours to obtain an appointment with a Magistrate.That year he built seventy-five saddles.

These saddles are meticulously hand tooled on sturdy saddle trees, and production was never allowed to exceed a volume which could not be inspected by him personally as the manager of production.

Ultimately, that company failed and was foreclosed on by the bank, and Billy Cook went on to start his own operation once again. Shortly thereafter, he moved his saddlemaking operation to Sulphur, Oklahoma where it remains today. First learning the craft of saddlemaking. In Jody began personally managing the production of the saddles to ensure the integrity and quality of the product was maintained as Billy aged.

Rutilo Osornio, a leather artisan with the mechanical skills necessary to maintain the sewing and cutting equipment used to make saddles, began working with Billy in Rutilo began directly overseeing the production of bridles, breast collars, and other tack and accessories under Billy in Billy Cook passed on in October of But Jody and Rutilo continue to operate the shop and personally supervise the production of all of the Genuine Billy Cook products in the same fashion as Billy taught them.

Together with their staff, Jody and Rutilo perpetuate the heritage of Billy Cook. It is interesting to note that when Potts-Longhorn went out of business a bank had foreclosed its assets and resold them to Simco Leather Company in Nonetheless, the Simco conglomerate later attacked Billy Cook for the use of his own name and attempted to bully him into abandoning his makers mark despite the valid trademark he possessed. Billy refused to give in.

But, for a lack of financial resources to arm himself with lawyers and fight back against the massive Simco conglomerate, Billy was unable to force them to quit using his name. Thereafter for nearly thirty years, there was confusion in the market due to the existence of two lines of saddles and horse tack marketed with similar names. Facebook Instagram.

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billy cook jail

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billy cook jail

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Arrest Records Search for Billy Cook

Contact your local Getty Images office.Circulars on Cook were posted through the Southwest and Mexico. Robert Dewey's murder spread panic. Citizens avoided lonely roads, and 'recognized' Cook from Albuquerque to Los Angeles, where for two days police averaged a phone tip every four minutes.

He killed six people, including an entire family of five, during a terrifying three-week spree across several American states in early January His mother died when he was 5 years old; his father abandoned him and his seven siblings in an old mine. He became a ward of the state before his 10th birthday; had a nasty temper exacerbated by the teasing and bullying he endured due to a deformed eye ; and eventually ended up in Missouri State Penitentiary.

There, in late Decemberhis crime and killing spree began. He kidnapped an auto mechanic who picked him up hitchhiking and forced the man into the trunk of the car. The man escaped shortly afterward. Cook pulled out the. On the third day, Cook shot them all—including the family dog—and dumped the bodies down a well not far from Joplin.

Again he headed west. Outside Blythe, Calif. Cook killed once more during his spree, shooting to death a salesman from Seattle named Robert Dewey and dumping his body in a ditch. Cook then kidnapped two hunters and forced them to drive him across the border into Mexico. There, in a town called Santa Rosalie, the local police chief, Luis Parra, improbably recognized Cook, plucked the.

Arrest Records Search for Billy Cook

A short time later, he was handed over to the FBI. Cook was sentenced to years in prison after being tried and convicted of the Mosser killings in Oklahoma, but was then tried, convicted and sentenced to death in California for the murder of Robert Dewey. On Dec. He was 23 years old. Since the U. Cook held campers Forrest Damron right and James Burke as prisoners for eight days. Latest Issue. Spree killer William Cook, January Tijuana police chief, F.

Kraus Morales, January Photographers Life Newsletter. Follow Life.William Edward "Billy" Cook Jr. December 23, — December 12, was an American spree killer who murdered six people on a day rampage between Missouri and California in — William Edward Cook Jr. His mother died when he was five years old. Soon after, his father relocated the children to an abandoned mine, eventually leaving them to fend for themselves with a few supplies.

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They were discovered there by the authorities and all the children were placed into foster care except William. A deformed eye and belligerent attitude stopped him being adopted by any family so he became a ward of the state. Cook was eventually placed in the care of a woman who accepted state money to look after him, but they had a poor relationship. He soon drifted into petty crime and was eventually arrested for truancy. At the age of 12, he told a judge he would prefer a reformatory to more foster care.

Cook spent several years in detention before he was transferred, aged 17, to the Missouri State Penitentiary.

billy cook jail

While in prison, he assaulted another inmate with a baseball bat. When Cook was released from prison inhe returned to Joplin and was briefly reunited with his father. In late December, he headed east again; on the way he acquired a snubnosed. Later, Archer escaped by forcing open the trunk with a tire iron.

After the car ran out of fuel between Claremore and TulsaOklahomaCook posed again as a hitchhiker. This time, he was picked up by farmer Carl Mosser from Illinoiswho was en route to New Mexico with his wife, three children, and a dog.

At gunpoint, Cook forced Mosser to drive around aimlessly for 72 hours. At one point, Mosser nearly overpowered Cook at a filling station near Wichita Falls, Texas ; but Cook was too strong for him.

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Cook shot the entire family and their dog shortly afterward. He dumped their bodies in a mine shaft near Joplin, Missouri. Cook headed back to California after abandoning the Mosser car in Oklahoma.

billy cook jail

The vehicle was discovered full of bullet holes and covered in blood. The receipt for Cook's gun was found in the car.

Just outside Blythe, CaliforniaDeputy Sheriff Homer Waldrip became suspicious of Cook and went to the motel where he had earlier lived with a friend.

Hoping to question the friend, he was instead taken by surprise when Cook himself jumped from behind the door and took his revolver. Waldrip was taken hostage by Cook. As with the Mossers, Cook forced the deputy to drive around aimlessly. During this drive, Cook bragged about murdering the Mossers.

After some forty miles, Cook ordered the deputy to pull over and lie face down in a ditch, saying he would shoot him in the head; however, Cook instead got back into the police car and drove away. Cook then kidnapped another motorist, Robert Dewey, from Seattle.

Sometime later, the traveling salesman tried to wrestle the gun from Cook, but was wounded in the process. The car left the road and careened into the desert.By Australian Associated Press. James Robert Ray Lyons pictured was jailed after pleading guilty to three fraud-related charges in the Brisbane District Court. In sentencing, Judge Brad Farr acknowledged the year-old suffered from a psychiatric condition and the court heard Lyons' addiction was likely linked to bipolar disorder.

But he ultimately acknowledged the significance of Lyons' mental health issues and set a parole eligibility date of August 23, Defence barrister Saul Holt had said his client had been undergoing counselling for his gambling addiction for the past four months. Lyons confessed to his fraud when one of his victims confronted him in One of Lyons' victims Stephen Graham branded him a 'scumbag' outside court.

He spoke well,' Mr Graham told reporters. One of Lyons' victims Stephen Graham pictured branded him a 'scumbag' outside court. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos Onlookers hurl abuse as TWELVE police officers fine two men Homeless people take over the subway cars in NY despite CDC warning Police allow street party to take place during coronavirus lockdown Clip from Ipswich purports to show elusive 'Fen Tiger' Mystery woman stands naked on top of police car in Spain Chris Tarrant shocks viewers with thoughts on coronavirus Armed police ram into car and arrest two suspects outside co-op Covidiot goads police as he flees on a motorbike during lockdown Woman in Birmingham detained by five men during brawl in shop Thug caught on CCTV mugging elderly pensioner outside corner store WHO says it is still learning about the intricacies of COVID Simone Biles takes off her sweatpants in handstand challenge.

Walla Walla Arrest Records for Inmate Billy Joe Cook

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Even experts don't know how many protective proteins Amazon manager, 35, becomes first to die from coronavirus as three colleagues are fired for 'calling forWelcome, Guest. Please login or register. Author Topic: Billy Cook could go to prison Read times. Posts: 2, Gender: my B52 Bomber. Billy Cook, Saddle maker, pleaded guilty to a felony charge arising from a raid on his factory in sulfer He could spend up to 5 years in prison!! This is why the U. Imagine the other places just like this that are full of mexican workers and employers willing to cover for them.

I just dont understand how people can knowingly take jobs away from their own neighbors just to save a few bucks an hour A fool and their money, soon have more horse than they can handle. Gabe's Babe Defender of The Bored!!!

Wait, Board??? I love my BC sulfur saddle! I sure hope he figures out a way outta that Check Out My Website!!!! I heard a headline on the radio this morning saying the government had come up with a figure of what it would cost to deport all the illegals in America. I didn't stick around long enough to hear that figure, but the reporter implied it was huge. I think the better report would be how much it will cost Americans to NOT deport illegals.

See what kinda of crafts he will be making! How about all the people from where ever their from taking over every hotel and store in your towns thats what I would be worried about how they can get free goverment loans and if they don't pay them back then they don't even get in trouble that is really what irks me.

I work for a ranch and american people any race don't want to do the hard labor we pay really well and still can't keep anyone who want to clean 28 stalls and all the other stuff that goes with head of horses.

History of Billy Cook Saddlery

Seems like people in the horse industry and agriculture would be more understanding of what it takes to get jobs done not that he was trying to safe a buck but keep some loyal people who would stay and do the hard jobs tooling is very hard and your master toolers can't be made in a short time it something you have to do for a long time.

You didn't make me mad.

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I understand that there are many jobs in the US that "Americans" will not or cannot do. It does effect the ag industry a lot because there are not many and the pay is not good for ranch and farm work.

As for the saddle making the art of tooling is becoming a lost art. Some saddles are even being sent to Mexico for the building and tooling. I wish there was an answer. The problem most are having are with the influx of immigrants who are coming here and "knowing how to work the system". Many are here for our benefits. I have no problem with anyone working an honest job and support our goverments requirements as we do. As for the "other" foreign people who come here and are so easily set up in a busniess, that irks me too.

And one more thing, did you know that on the national news it stated that "one out of 5 households speak a language at home other than our English".

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